<Production Process of ATS314 Forged Scissors >

Michiko scissors use ATS 314 made by HITACHI METAL. Hitachi Metals is a famous Japanese steel company along with AICHI STEEL. HITACHI METAL smelts iron ore to produce high-quality stainless steel with high purity, and Aichi Steel produces economical products using recycled raw materials as its main raw material. Michiko scissors are manufactured using only the finest Hitachi products.


Ultra-precision welding work using a robot


The Step of heating ATS 314 steel in Plate Status

High-Speed Rapid heating to a temperature suitable for forging


The process of forging ATS314 steel heated to high temperature with a press 

Forged products manufactured at high temperature


Forged products are different from general products, but most of them can be compared with a measuring instrument. However, if you magnify the EDGE part by 5000 times with a microscope, you can see a clear difference in density that greatly affects sharpness and durability.

After forging Hitachi ATS314, Michiko shears undergo special heat treatment unique to Michiko in a high-performance vacuum furnace. The difference in the quality of steel products is several to several tens of times larger due to heat treatment technology. The invisible quality of products from other companies is already incomparably different at this stage.

Handcrafted by highly skilled artisans.

Precise grinding work performed under strict quality control
Grinding stonework where Michiko's know-how is applied
Michiko's hammering work for making No. 1 AUTHENTIC JAPANESE SHEARS 
MICHIKO is made with HITACHI materials and processed by the best Japanese craftsmen
Strict Cut Test of Michiko Scissor by Professional Hair Stylist
06 septiembre 2022