Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and The PainKiller (Swivel) Scissors

If you use swivel scissors for the first time. you need at least two weeks of experience to adjust to this type.
Few hairdressers use swivel scissors easily from the beginning. If you already use swivel scissors, check out the high-quality Painkiller shears.
These scissors are patented in the U.S. and Korea. The difference is that the thumb ring is connected with a flexible pin.
the rubber part of the scissors was added for comfort. Because of that, the users have more flexibility without straining their thumbs.

Many hairdressers with carpal tunnel syndrome said the wrist pain was relieved or almost gone after using the Painkiller Scissors. These responses compelled us to change the brand name to Painkiller. It is the one you can trust and assure for not only the function bu also the quality. Especially the flexible pin, the rubber part is made with special material to last longer. It lasts for about 3,000 haircuts based on our data. Replacing the flexible pin is easy. It only takes a minute.