About Us

A Story of Authentic Japanese Precision

Since 1996, MICHIKO® scissors has operated as a think tank committed to bringing hairstylists and barbers the one thing they need most: A sharp, reliable pair of professional hair-cutting shears built to last a lifetime.

Unlike most hair scissor companies out there that market for profit, we believe that your success is our success - which is why every pair of MICHIKO® scissors is designed through the eyes of the people we serve - you.

Qualify Is No Accident

From Tungsten scissors to the patented Painkiller® flexible thumb series, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of perfection — from design to development.

Our network of industry veterans and access to world-class technology means you can finally confidently purchase authentic, patented. high-quality haircutting scissors.

The MICHIKO® Difference

What Sets Us Apart?

We are a company with unique and unrivaled capabilities. We know how difficult it is to judge accurate information regarding the quality of hair scissors, so allow us to make your decision easy.

We have spent years studying the art and science of Authentic Japanese hair cutting scissors, and we are proud to bring you the outcomes on the market. Everything we do is on a foundation of integrity because we know that trust isn't a given. It's earned, and we won't stop working to earn yours.

The MICHIKO®  Difference

MICHIKO® scissors are manufactured in the world's best forging factory in Japan. We use hot forged Hitachi ATS 314 steel, which has long-lasting durability that cannot be compared with other hair scissors.

Our trade secret lies in the unique heat treatment process, in a vacuum furnace dedicated to MICHIKO® scissors to enhance durability further. We are proud of our advanced heat treatment technology, developed by a Japanese scientist with a PhD. in Metallurgy.

To produce the original 3D handle we are known for, we communicate and collaborate directly with the hairdressers themselves. No matter how many dozens of molds it takes, we never stop working to give you the excellent grip, sharp snip, and precise cutting action you desire.

Professional hair cutting scissors are not instruments open to creative expression. They are tools that MUST feature the most precise measurements that never let you down. MICHIKO® scissors use the latest technology and cutting-edge machines to make more precise scissors.

Tungsten Scissors Durability Test Results

Tungsten scissors are very rare to find and are the best dry-cut scissors on the market. We have a limited edition of Tungsten scissors that combines Korean tungsten development skills and Japanese scissors manufacturing technology. They hold the sharp edge for almost 10 years without sharpening.

The Painkiller® is swivel shears with the US patented flexible thumb ring.

The Painkiller®is swivel shears with the US patented flexible thumb ring. As the name indicates, it helps prevent and reduce your wrist pain. With Painkiller® shears, you have unlimited creativity without awkwardly bending your wrist to produce a flawless cut. It also helps you save cutting time since you can hold a combwithout pulling your thumb out of the ring. These scissors are perfect for busy hairdressers who need to cut all kinds of hair because they allow for easy wrist movement.

We don't waste our time on deceptive marketing.

Our reputation for sharp, long-lasting haircutting scissors precedes us, so the best barbers and hairstylists trust us repeatedly and remain our customers for life.