Japanese Experts Explain and Recommend Handle Types

Symmetric Handle

• The moving and still blades are lined up in the same position.
• There is a high degree of freedom in using it, and various cutting techniques can be used since the range of motion is wide vertically and horizontally.
• Because the thumb side is long, symmetric handles can be leveraged to cut powerfully.
• Although this type of shear is symmetrical, it is not recommended for ambidextrous use.

Offset Handle

• The thumb side is short.
• It is wonderful for beginners because it is easy to hold, open, and close.
• This style is recommended when wanting to use large scissors of 6.5" or longer because it fits the hand comfortably.

Finger Rest

The pinky rests on this spot. If there is a finger rest, the scissors are stable and easy to cut.

Hump (Camel Back)

Scissors with a hump increase the stability further. Like the finger rest, the hump differs depending on personal taste, so it does not affect the quality of the cut.

Crane Handle

The Crane Handle is bent more than a standard offset. Hairstylists can use it easily without raising the elbow, but the range of haircutting techniques is considerably narrowed.

3D Type Handle

A 3D handle adds a twist to the thumb and finger holes. The scissors fit the fingers to give a sense of stability.

The handle is made up of a complex combination of these elements.

Many stylists are offset-handle enthusiasts for both cutting and thinning scissors. However, we recommend the symmetric handle for newcomers, stylists who want to expand their range of techniques, and stylists with a particular cutting style because it gives a high degree of freedom to hand movements. Stylists unfamiliar with holding scissors tend to choose scissors that fit snugly in their hands to have a fixed hand. However, as stylists gain experience, these handles cause difficulty performing various cutting techniques. Using a symmetric handle may be easier with better movement. The comfortability of each handle may vary by technique or experience, so we recommended to find the right style handles as the time suits them. There are various types of handles, but it is best to emphasize the ease of use for individuals.