Even the highest quality haircutting scissors require sharpening to stay in shape.

The thickness of the blade edge is 1 micron or less, which may begin to wear out over time. 

Professional hair stylists must always keep their hair scissors in optimal condition to efficiently create stylish haircuts for their clients. When its thickness is more than 5 microns, the hair cutting process becomes more challenging, as dull scissors push the hair. That's why professional hair scissor sharpening services are essential, quickly and effectively bringing a 5-micron thickness back down to 1 micron or less.

When the edge thickness is more than 5 microns, the scissors start to push or bend hair, resulting in damaged hair. This is the time for the sharpening service.

Experienced Japanese-trained sharpeners carefully refine the micro-bevel edges and ride line of the scissors using Japanese-made whetstones and 8-inch discs. Only expert craftsmen can reduce the edge thickness from 5 microns to less than 1 micron.

MICHIKO scissors produce an edge of less than 1 micron, which is deal for a clean haircut.

As part of our authentic Japanese scissors sharpening services, we use advanced technology with minimal honing to restore the sharpest edge. We are proud to have designed and developed the world's FIRST and ONLY 3-head sharpening machines, featuring 6" and 8" heads. Our cutting-edge Japanese sharpening technology is unmatched by any other company.

All scissors are pivoted together under tension with a gap between the two blades. Since sharpened edges slide against each other to cut an obiect, the gap is essential. particularly for hairdressing scissors.

Incorrectly set scissors tend to have tension problems, which can not be fixed by adjusting the pivot screw If your newly sharpened scissors still have problems when you cut hair, it is most likely a tension issue. In most cases, it needs hammering to cut correctly.

If the tension is too tight,
1. It is difficult to cut and feels stiff when opening and closing the scissors.
2. The edges are damaged easily by each other, so the scissors dui quickly.

If the tension is too loose,
1. The cutting power is weak, and it bends hair instead of cutting.
2. The edges wear out quickly since the user pushes the thumb horizontally to cut hair.

MICHIKO® is performing an authentic Japanese hammering technique. Scissors with set problems shorten the life of the scissors.

If your high-end scissors have a tension problem, we recommend hammering for realignment_ Your scissors will have a better cutting feel and extended scissor life.

The right sharpening service can more than double the value of your quality scissors investment. Michiko scissors use Japanese sharpening whetstones to enhance the value of your precious scissors.

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