How to Choose Professional Hairdressing Scissors: A Guide

Scissors are the most essential tool for hairdressers, crucial for achieving precise haircuts. With so many types, brands, and prices available, it can be challenging to decide which ones to buy. This guide will simplify the process of choosing the right professional hairdressing scissors.

Key Considerations for Selecting Hairdressing Scissors

1. Handle Types
Symmetric Handle:Traditional design with two aligned rings, also known as eyeglass handles.
Offset Handle: One ring is shorter and offset, reducing hand strain and increasing cutting efficiency. Preferred for its ergonomic design.
Crane Handle:A variation of the offset handle, positioned lower than the blade to reduce strain on the elbow, shoulder, and arm. Ideal for cutting while seated or doing chop cuts.

2. Length
Scissors are measured in inches, typically ranging from 5.0 to 7.5 inches. Most hairdressers prefer around 6 inches. Longer scissors may be preferred for men’s cuts or specific salon needs.

3. Blade Shapes
Tyoku Ba (Straight Blade) Ideal for blunt cuts and chop cuts due to its precise hair capture.
Sasa Ba (Curved Blade): Curved like a bamboo leaf, suitable for slide cuts and stroke cuts, allowing intentional hair release.
Yanagi Ba (Slightly Curved Blade): Offers ease in soft cutting and precision.

4. Consulting Experts
Seek advice from scissors specialists. Providing information about your clientele and cutting style will help them recommend the most suitable options.

5. Maintenance and Common Issues

Common Problems: Misalignment, dullness from improper maintenance, rust, and damage from exposure to moisture and chemicals.

Self-Maintenance: Regular cleaning and oiling to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Proper storage in a dry place to avoid damage.

Professional Sharpening: Have your scissors professionally sharpened regularly, at least once a year, to maintain their cutting efficiency.

Expert Stylists’ Scissors Preferences

Sakai 5.5-inch Scissors: Perfect for intricate cuts and inner thinning, known for   their longevity and precision.

Nigata 6-inch Scissors: Versatile for both dry and wet cuts, enhancing cutting   speed and flexibility.

Nigata T302 Thinning Scissors: Provides a razor-like finish with a 25% cut rate.

Kuma 6-inch Scissors: Chosen for their excellent sharpness and suitability for   base cuts.

Tungsten Dry Cutting Scissors: Ideal for removing layers in long hair.

Sumo 6.2 inch Slide Cutting Scissors: Slightly curved blades for smooth cuts.

Choosing the right hairdressing scissors involves considering handle types, blade shapes, and length, along with hands-on testing and expert consultation. Proper maintenance and professional sharpening will extend the lifespan of your scissors, ensuring they remain an invaluable tool in your hairdressing kit.