The Basics of Cutting Scissors Blade Functions

TYOKU BA (with a straight blade)

It is the type with a straight-line blade. Barbers often use this blade style to effortlessly cut in a straight line without pushing the hairs to the side. The finish from this blade leaves a sharp appearance. This type is best for blunt cutting and scissors over comb.

YANAGI-BA (with a slighily curved blade)

The blade line has a subtle curve. This type has a straighter curve than a bamboo leaf blade (The "Sasa-Ba"). It does not cut too hard or too soft because it cuts the hair by letting it slide slightly. This type is best for all-around cutting.

The SASA -BA (with a more curved blade)

This type has an extensive arched blade line. Hair slides out smoothly but can make a gentle and soft cut. Perfect for adjusting the texture with a dry cut. This is best for strokes and slide cuts.