Repeated haircuts and trims can cause damage and hygiene concerns. It's essential to always be prepared to provide clean and hygienic hair scissors to frequently visiting customers. Check for Nicks. Use your thumbnail to rub the blade's edge and identify any nicks gently. These are often the result of damage when placing scissors down harshly, usually on a hard surface.

Always close your professional hair cuttinc scissors fully before puttinc them cown, preferably on a towel, cushion, or dedicated scissor stand.

Tighten the Screws. Loose bolts are commonplace after a few weeks of use. You can ightly tighten these in clockwise increments whenever they appear loose.

Cleaning. Professional essional hair styling scissors last longer when cleaned at the end of each day. remove all hair using a dedicated cleaning towel - taking care not to injure your hands - and always dry wet scissors thoroughly.

You can also use an oil brush where the upper and lower blades rub together, focusing on the horseshoe-shaped section and the lower-most part of the blade.