Sharpening Service Event (13~ 18 pairs)

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Satisfaction Guarantee

High Quality guarantee

MICHIKO® shears are designed to last a lifetime*, and that's why our shears are produced using steel that has been 100% manufactured in Japan.

*Lifetime Guarantee is for MICHIKO® Shears Only.

Join us for our Sharpening Service Event!

Delivery Schedule

Expect your scissors back in 4-8 days after sending them to us.


 1.  Order Placement (3 Clicks)

     Simply order on the Michiko Scissors website.

 2. Shipping Preparation (1-3 days)

     You'll get priority mail box to pack your scissors safely.

 3. Send your scissors

     Pack and send your scissors to us; we provide all the necessary materials.

 4. Arrival at our Workshop (1-3 days)

     We receive your scissors.

 5. Sharpening (48 Hours)

     Our experts sharpen your scissors within 48 hours of receipt.

 6. Return Delivery to Your Home (1-4 days)

    Get your scissors back in 1-4 days after we ship them back to you.

* If you place an order for sharpening two pairs or more, you will be provided with a return box.