How to Choose Dry Cut Scissors

For dry-cut scissors, the most important thing is how strong the material of the blade is. The blade becomes dull several times faster than a wet cut. so it needs stronger steel. However, it is challenging to find long-lasting dry-cut scissors, as most dry-cut stylists are already aware.

But why dry cut?

A dry cut can create the desired hair design better than a wet one because the haircut form changes after the water dry out. In the past, the material of the scissors blade was not strong enough to last dry cut. Watering makes hair softer, which makes the life of your scissors much longer. Unfortunately. it is still hard to find materials suitable for dry cutting. In that respect, the tungsten material is strong enough to hold the sharpness without sharpening for about ten years. Although it is costly, we recommend checking this product out if you do many dry cuts since it's hard to find anywhere else.